4th EDITION in Lisbon

Study the prescription of Classical Formulas with Prof. Salustino Wong!

With Prof. Salustino Wong will learn in depth to identify the best formulas for his patient, starting from the knowledge of the Classic Books of Chinese Medicine, essential for any herbalist!

This course focuses on the study of Families of Jing Fang Formulas, with an innovative learning method, developed by Prof. Huang Huang (⿈ 煌 教授).
With this new methodology, formulas are explained by the association of the patient’s physical and psychological constitution with formulas, which enables a better understanding of both the patient and the formulas. This association thus allows greater effectiveness at the clinical level.

Learning in this course is structured in such a way that the student acquires theoretical and, above all, practical knowledge. Those who are interested in studying something authentic, with roots in the true origin of Chinese Medicine, will have an access door in this course.

Who can attend?

Chinese Medicine professionals and Chinese Medicine students after their 2nd year of training.

During the classes, individual plants and classical formulas are explained, in the light of the theory of Classical Chinese Medicine, which is simpler and more objective than the theory currently taught in schools. Even the most beginners can start prescribing effectively in just a few months, while for more experienced specialists the evolution is even more evident!


  • Introduction to Classical Formulas and Classical Thinking
  • Herb characteristics, quality and flavor
  • Six Level Theory
  • Concepts of the Jing Fang method: Constitution 體質, Formula ⽅ 證 Syndrome, Formula Family 類 ⽅
  • Formula Preparation Methods
  • Pulse diagnosis
  • Abdominal diagnosis
  • Formula Families (constitutions and indications of each formula belonging to the family): 
    • Gui zhi
    • Fu ling
    • Huang qi
    • Ban xia
    • Chai hu

Dates 2021

February 12th and 13th
March 12th and 13th
April 16th and 17th
May 14th and 15th
June 25th and 26th
July 2nd and 3rd
September 17th and 18th
October 8th and 9th

Friday: Online class via ZOOM from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm (except February 12th – class at Best Office)
Saturdays: Class at the Best Office Picoas (Lisbon), from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm and 2:30 pm to 6:00 pm

See all the Course’s details in the pdf available for download (in Portuguese). 

To register or get in touch with us, contact us using the form below or e-mail us jingfangclassics@gmail.com